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Marions Mobile  Dogschool Wiesbaden




Mobile dog school and training
in the area of Wiesbaden and Mainz


As dog beginners we had a lot of questions and insecurities so we first went to a conventional dog school with our Mini Spaniel Fina. We quickly realised that it was not fitting both for us and for our dog.
Then we found Marion and during the first evaluation we immediately liked the concept and could imagine a successful co-operation. The very clear and confident communication also impressed our Fina from the beginning and we began to find out how easier life can be with a well educated dog.
We worked on our educational skills in regular home visits and Marion always supported us with competent advice and ideas, also on walks. It was refreshing to constantly get feedback from a professional and we gained more and more self-confidence.
After finishing the 10 training lessons, prepared and equipped with good tools,  we now feel much more secure in the communication with our little “libertine”. I can assure with full conviction that for us it was the best decision to work with Marion and we want to thank her for everything.
Silke and Familie with Fina

Fina 2


We adpted Merlin at the age of 2 years, he was given back by another family. Since we had no experience with dogs we wanted to do everything right from the beginning. Marion helped us and it was good for us that she came to our home. We were able to work with Merlin in our daily environment and to flexible hours. When we got Merlin he pulled on the leash a lot so that every walk was a struggle. Now Merlin walks wonderfully on the leash and we can even unleash him without any problems in the forrest or on the fields. Also the lawn sprinkler has now a real chance to work without getting attacked by our water-loving dog. We can really recommend Marion.
Stefanie with family and Merlin

Already one week after adopting a one year old dog from a shelter I arranged a first, very helpful session with Marion. For me it was important to train my dog without using treats and with Marion I found the proper  trainer. She gave me, being a dog beginner, very valuable information about dog behaviour and she tought me and my dog to be a successful team. In addition the flexibility of the scheduling made the training stressless and relaxed for both of us. No matter where - in the restaurant, during travels or in the city - I can count on the good behaviour of my four-legged companion. Many thanks, Marion!
Evelyn with Piccolino

Picco 1
Julchen (4)

Individual meetings at home made the difference!
Tekkel have their own mind - like my Julchen, 2,5 years old. She pulled on the leash, did not walk at my side, whined, barked, ruined the seats in the car and jumped out of the car without command... In one word: resistant to any education. The usual dog training in the group brought some slight progresses, but never for very long. What really helped at the end was the individual training with Marion in Julchen’s daily environment: At home, in the stables, in the restaurant, in the city, in the field... Today Julchen is not only very obedient, but she is attentive - and this with a lasting effect. She is - due to a lot of my friends - the best educated Tekkel they have ever encountered.
Thousand thanks, Marion - we stay in touch!
Dorothea with Julchen

Walks with the dog can develop to a crucial test for human’s nerves. I had to experience this myself with my 4 year old Ladrabor cross. He was barking, growling and yelling at other dogs extremely while being on the leash. He was winding up so much that there was no way to calm him down. 3 other trainers that I hired could not help us. On the contrary, due to questionable training methods things got even worse.

Eventually Marion was the key to our happiness. She immediately evaluated the cause of our problem and showed us the perfect training method. Already on the second training day we had positive results! After 10 lessons that were always very relaxed and effective my dog and I teamed up and trust each other again. We can both enjoy our walks again!

Marion did a first-class job, we are endlessly thanful!

Alexandra with Lucius

Sam + Nala

Tremendous dog school! The programme is adapted individually to the needs of each four-legged. And Marion also handles problematic two-legged very well. We can absolutely recommend!

Kai & Nadine with Sam & Nala

We appreciated the lessons very much. Leyla and I learnt a lot!

We still have to practice daily, but we all benefit of it.

Many thanks, Marion! I am so glad that you helped us!

Myriam with Leyla

Leyla 2
Lupo Juni neu

Marion is simply wonderful! You can never unleash Podencos.... that’s what they say. Lupo walked unleashed already after 3 months thanks to Marion’s training.

We learnt a lot, we can really recommend!

We are looking forward to the next lesson.

Andrea with Lupo

We have two small dogs – one is 10 years old and the other is 4. We initially contacted Marion as we had complaints from our neighbors and landlord that our dogs were barking too often. But this wasn’t all we needed help with. We also needed help to train our dogs to sleep in their own beds (instead of always jumping into ours), walk by our sides without a lead, learn to live together with our two bunnies, stop pulling at their leads and pulling us along, stop barking at and chasing other dogs, bicycles and people while on walks, stop barking every time they heard a neighbor’s door open or close, stop barking at every person or dog that walked by our place (we couldn’t leave the dogs alone in the garden to play because of this).
I really didn’t think my dogs could be trained for the above issues, as they were so set in their ways and quite stubborn. I had just moved to Germany from overseas and brought my dogs with me. All their lives they had been used to a large house and garden without neighbors close by. Once in Germany, their surroundings and living situation were very different as we were now in a smaller apartment with a smaller garden and neighbors to consider.
To our amazement, our dogs now put themselves to bed in their OWN beds, can stay outside in the garden unsupervised without barking at people or dogs passing by, can walk off the lead and stay by our side and they now ignore bikes and people on our walks. They have also significantly improved on living with bunnies. Additionally, we can finally take them to restaurants, shops and on vacation as they are now so well-behaved.
Aside from her professional quality training, it’s evident that Marion also has a special connection with animals and our pets really took a liking to her even though they are not very social.
We can’t thank Marion enough for her help. It was a pleasure working with her and we highly recommend her.
Jaimie & Glory with Molly, Tyson, Ping Pong and Einstein

Molly and Tyson
Ping Pong and Einstein 1

Ginger + Gizmo (3)

We had a wonderful experience with Marion's Dog Training.  She has a very calm approach to training dogs that makes everyone feel at ease and works with the dogs.  She readily comes to your home where your pets are most comfortable and makes the "parents" comfortable as well.  Her method worked and our dogs are now much more presentable in public.  Next step is to get them to behave like German dogs in restaurants!
Carolyn with Ginger and Gizmo

From the instant I met Marion, I knew that I was talking to a professional dog trainer who took her job seriously.  Our first visit in my home was non-threatening and she gave us good advice about the placement of the dog beds to help make them calmer.  My 7 year old Poodle/Shi Tzu mix was then given lessons on how to heel and walk on a leash.  Marion gave me her constant guidance and reinforcement as I attempted the techniques. She explains things in a very dog oriented way and helps me understand the training from a dog's point of view. In just a few minutes my attention deficit dog was watching me, and obeying commands without relying on treats.  Our next lessons concentrated on his barking while in the car.  She was able to stop his incessant barking. We then worked on my dog’s aggression towards other dogs and I learned how to curtail his unpleasant behavior.  Now the big test comes when I put my dog on the plane to go back to the states. Marion showed me how to get the dogs adjusted to their crates.  She even took the time to go into a store to get them used to crowds, other dogs, and people and to remain calm and quiet in their airline bags. My dog has become more attentive, obedient, calmer and quiet thanks to Marion's guidance.
Vivian and Marable with Billy and Bobby

Billy + Bobby

Working with Marion was a total transformation for our dogs. We were able to tackle issues that made things very frustrating in the household. Now, our dogs are wonderful walking on the leash, off leash and pleasurable during car rides! It was a great experience and I learned a lot about my dogs!
Brittany with Sable and Bane


My 6 month old puppy, Sarge, was exhibiting aggressive behavior towards strangers to include children and other dogs. I was extremely nervous with him when anyone would come to visit and when out on walks with him. I decided that I needed help when his aggressive behavior turned toward my young son. I contacted Marion for a consultation. She came to my home and observed his behavior. Believe me when I say he wasn't shy about letting her know how he felt about her! She told me that Sarge was not aggressive at all but that he was insecure and scared. Marion assured me that she could show me how to manage his behavior. Sarge made great progress after the very first session with Marion and has become much more relaxed; as have I. We can go on walks, have guests in our home, go to the dog park, take him to town, and even to the elementary school. Sarge has even decided that Marion is pretty cool and gives her a bit more respect than he did at the initial meeting. I have had several people comment on the positive changes that have occurred in him and I give all of the credit to Marion. She taught me so much about how to take control and how to handle Sarge's insecurities. I am confident that we will be able to move forward and have a long, happy life with Sarge; which may not have been possible without Marion's help. I highly recommend Marion and wouldn't hesitate to call on her again. Money well spent!
Regina with Sarge

When we received our dog Finny from a temporary home in December 2013 we were totally inexperienced with dogs. Our dog was not houseclean, agitated, did not know cats, was harassing everyone having food and pulled on the leash. After the training with Marion we now have a calm, balanced dog who is social with our cat, walks well on the leash, does not beg for food anymore and is houseclean. We are very satisfied with the excellent assistance. Marion always supported us in all situations and answered to all our questions, even outside of the training sessions. Very recommendable, especially for dog beginners.
Silva and family with Finny

When Johny came to our family last year he was 10 months old. A red-haired, green-eyed and very lively Griffon cross. We found him through a charity organisation and it was love at first sight. This is how we met Marion. Her pleasant and competent charisma immediately convinced us. She helped us in the following months to team up with our new family member. Even if Johny was not our first dog we still had a lot to learn - each dog has its very own personality that you have to understand. With her natural authority combined with huge empathy Marion showed us how to understand our little “wild child”, but also to help us define clear rules so that he could find his way in his new home and to adulthood. There were a lot of insecurities and questions to solve from our side. Marion always was a great support for us and was always listening and understanding. We are very thankful for this. Johny is now more than 10 months with us and we became a real family. Marion teached us so many valuable things to make us behave calm in (nearly ;) each situation! And in case of emergency: Marion still has time for our questions even after the training is finished!
Thank you for everything!
Antje and Frieder with Johny

Johnny (2)

Since we wanted to do everything right from the very beginning with our first dog Dobby we decided to book a professional and individual training with Marion. We are very satisfied and happy with the result. Due to a very dog- and owner-orientated training and proper advice and support we now have a well educated dog who stays relaxed and balanced in nearly every situation.
Thank you!
Loreen and Jens with Dobby

To read books about dog training is one thing - to execute it the right way is another. Marion has a very calm and confident way to deal with the different dog and owner students. She never looses her temper, ist never loud or aggressive and she explains things again and again if necessary...
Home training is a very positive option - a very comfortable way to learn! Thank you!
Bettina with Teddy and Trixie